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We are family based hobby Show/breeders of good quality Bengal cats and kittens, based just outside Bridgend, South Wales, U.K. (less than 2 miles from the M4 motorway, junction 37). We are situated not far from Cardiff and Swansea and access is easy via the M4, from Neath, Maesteg, Port Talbot, Barry, Carmarthenshire, Caerphilly, Bristol, Birmingham and the Midlands.

We use only the very best quality cats with the sweetest temperaments in our breeding programme, which is kept small and run solely to provide us with Top quality show kittens and cats, for our own use in our Showing hobby. Our Bengal queens are kept in the house and all our Bengal kittens are born and reared in our home. This ensures that the Bengal kittens are well adjusted to living in 'the home' and are familiar with the sights and sounds of the T.V., vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc. Cats and kittens in general hate all vacuum cleaners so do remember to switch yours on at the other end of the room, away from your Bengal kitten/cat

Being avid Show fanatics, in order for us to be able to have TOP show cats it is better for us to breed them ourselves, as more often than not the very best kittens with top show potential will be retained by the breeder, which is understandable. So, we breed mainly for our own benefit and our aim is to improve the Bengal as a breed (in health, looks and temperament) and to produce our next super 'best' cat for the show bench, as well as providing super, stunning Bengal kittens with fabulous sweet temperaments to go as much loved family pets.

We have consistently bred our Bengals mainly for health and type over the past 13 years, but in a small 'family' way. We started off buying our initial Bengal cats as pets in late 2000, which soon got turned around into wanting to show these beautiful animals as a hobby. We then applied for, and got our GCCF Prefix through in the beginning of 2003, and later got the same prefix with TICA (The International Cat Association).

As with all kinds of animals (and humans too) there are gentic defects. We do our utmost to deal with these as they become discovered in the Bengal breed, and have DNA tested all our breeding cats for PK Deficiency and we have no Positive (K/K) cats in our breeding programme. We also heart screen our cats to ensure they have healthy hearts and are HCM (Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy) free at time of screening. This is extremely important and every ethical breeder who genuinely cares about the breed (and their cats) will be doing this.
We can offer heart screening at our clinics (for all breeds) run through BBUKU (Bengal Breeders UK United), at Langford's Veterinary college in Bristol. We have an exclusive deal with Langford's so can offer VERY affordable prices!

We now feel that we have that type that we want in most of our Bengals and are now fine tuning the pattern, by adding lines such as Brockenmoor, Millwood, Jater, Aluren and Bundas etc.Our main aim will always be health, type and temperament, all of which we feel are the very base of what we want to achieve. Small ears, straight profiles, domed foreheads, rounded top and backskulls, width between the ears, broad noses and muzzles, puffy whisker pads, deep strong chins, shortish thick tails, clear coats, fabulous patterns, great contrast and glitter.....on top of the very best of temperaments of course! We hope we have all these qualities instilled/locked into our best breeding cats now, so are awaiting the 'very best' of all kittens to be produced in 2014. Of course, we will still have many super 'pet' quality kittens, but they may be of excellent quality too, with the super type that we have mentioned above. It is all too easy to breed Bengal kittens and cats with a pretty pattern, but to get that combined together with the small rounded ears, strong muzzles and great type is another story. That is what we aim for in the future, so as they say.....'WATCH THIS SPACE'!!

Suntouched Bengals are proud to have bred the following titled Bengal cats:

RW, SGC Suntouched Santino
RW, SGC Suntouched Anya
RW, SGC Suntouched Belle Fille

RW, SGC Suntouched Saffron
RW, SGC Suntouched Santana
RW, SGC Suntouched Sancia
RW, QGC Suntouched SanChino
RW Suntouched Akule
QGC Suntouched Carolos
DGC Suntouched Ashanti
Ch. Suntouched La Belle Epoque
Ch. Suntouched Pocket Rocket
Ch. Suntouched San Lucia

Ch. Suntouched Santorino
Ch. Suntouched Claudia
Ch. Suntouched Chester

Ch Suntouched Chiquitita
Ch. Suntouched Annelise
Ch. Suntouched Merlin
Ch. Suntouched Calisto

and proud owners of:
RW SGC Xclusive X Factor of Suntouched
RW QGC DiMaggio of Suntouched
Ch. Llandar Annastazia of Suntouched
DGC Blissnmore Baron of Suntouched
Ch. Westwinds Wesley of Suntouched
Ch. Oceanbay Achilles of Suntouched.
Ch. Adina Amelia of Suntouched



When a Suntouched Bengal queen is due to give birth, she is moved into our bedroom well before the birth date is due so she becomes accustomed to her semi (she will have been here before) new surroundings before making a nest and giving birth to her new litter of kittens.We have NEVER left a queen alone to give birth, and neither would we ever do this as many a kitten can be saved by an experienced and willing hand (i.e. dedicated Breeder) when the time to give birth arrives.Young (or other) Queen Cats left alone to birth can lose kittens through negligence and inexperience, neither of which trait could be blamed on the 'new mum' cat, but could be helped along by a Breeder who is willing to put in the effort and dedication to their cats' and kittens' welfare. We here at Suntouched Bengals rarely lose kittens at birthing time, simply due to our utter dedication and time spent sitting with the queen until every kitten is born safely and helped along in his/her life until stability is assured. We do not have staff here......we want to keep our program small and personal and we would rather be here ourselves and forfeit holidays etc in order to give 100 % dedication and attention to our Bengal 'babies' being much loved members of our family, we consider them to be the most important by far.

Our Bengal kittens are used to human contact and interaction with other Bengal cats and kittens from birth. This ensures our kittens are affectionate, outgoing and friendly and have super temperaments. So if you are thinking of homing a Bengal kitten from Suntouched Bengals, you can be assured that our kittens make excellent family pets and are suitable for families with children of all ages. We have Bengal Cats and Kittens here from F2 (2 generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat) to SBT (a standard domestic Bengal), and they all have really super temperaments.We do not keep any Bengal cats for breeding that do not come up to our high standard of temperament as we feel this is of the utmost inmportance for Bengal kittens that may be homed as Pets or for Show or (very occasionally) Breeding or Show Neuter. We prefer our Bengal kittens to be adopted as family pets only, though we have occasionally let one go for breeding to a small program in order to help others improve their lines and widen their gene pool. We have to date, not Exported any cats for breeding and have imported just 2, which were needed in order to give us some new bloodlines to team up with our own.

Suntouched Bengals' prefix is registered with both TICA (The International Cat Association) and GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) which is the feline equivalent to the Kennel Club (UK) for dogs. We attend shows organised by the following Cat Clubs: The Spoticat TICA Cat Club, The Alliance Cat Club (TICA), The Cattica Cat Club (TICA), The NaturallyTica Cat Club (TICA), The Ticked TICA Cat Club, The CoonTica Cat Club (TICA). We are members of both of the UK Bengal Cat Clubs....The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain (BCCGB), who are affiliated to TICA, and the Bengal Cat Club who are affiliated to GCCF in the UK. We are also members of TICA and currently show mainly with TICA but do like to go to GCCF shows whenever we can too, as we find showing very addictive and enormously rewarding! Do take a look on our AWARDS page for further details. Also, our Ozzy can be seen in the TICA Yearbook 2008, and his son Tino is featured in the TICA Yearbook 2009 as he was the Best Bengal Kitten in the UK and 3rd Best Bengal Kitten in Northern Europe for 2008/2009. The TICA Yearbook is distributed worldwide and can be ordered if you require one. Ozzy is featured in the TICA yearbook 2008 as he finished in the TOP 20 ALLBREED CATS IN NORTHERN EUROPE! He is the first and only (2007/2008) Bengal to ever feature in the TICA top 20 allbreed cats in EN! Look out for Ozzy's offspring at the shows.....they are winning plenty and are following in their famous daddy's footsteps!!
(UPDATE: Ozzy's son RW SGC Suntouched Santino went on to be 1st Best Bengal kitten in UK, 2nd in Western Europe & 6th Best Bengal kitten in the World! At the end of the show year in 2009, he was 1st BEST BENGAL CAT IN UK, 1st BEST BENGAL CAT IN WESTERN EUROPE AND 4th BEST BENGAL CAT IN THE WORLD!)

We breed Brown (black) Spotted/Rosetted Bengals and Brown (Black) Marbled Bengals, as well as Blue-eyed Snow, Silver-Snows and Silver Spotted and Marbled Bengals. We have a Silver/Silver-snow Bengal breeding programme under way, and we are hoping to have some glittered Silver Bengal kittens very soon. All our Silver Bengals will be glittered, as our super Champion Silver Rosetted Bengal Stud cat (Troy) is highly glittered which is quite unusual for a Silver Bengal as many Imported Silver Bengals are not glittered. We are also looking to breed Blue-eyed Snows, Silver Snows, Blue Snows and maybe Blue Silver Snows, but the latter are very rare and not readily produced, unless coming from Silver Snow, or Blue Silver Snow or Blue Silver parents. Some cats from our main line of Brown Spotted/rosetted cats from Ozzy will be kept separate from our marble carrying lines, but Blue-eyed Snows may be introduced along the way so we may re-establish our Blue-eyed Snow line, which we have missed of late due to not having a Snow carrying stud boy. Please do contact us if you would like to be put on our waiting list for one of our glittered, Silver rosetted Bengal kittens or any other Bengal kitten. Details of how to join our Kitten waiting list and how to reserve your Suntouched Bengal kitten can be found on our Available Kittens page.
PLEASE NOTE: We much prefer to let our kittens go to loving, pet only homes, but understand we may have some lines that could help other breeders achieve better type kittens with the much sought after small ears, so we will occasionally consider allowing one to go to a breeding home.

*We have individual Contracts on our Breeding Bengal kittens that states that the kitten/cat must not be sold on for breeding. We do not want our kittens to end up being sold on again and again for breeding, so we add this Contract to protect their future wellbeing.

*Pet Bengal kittens will be neutered before leaving us (there may be an extra charge for this).

Thinking of starting breeding Bengals?
It is advised that before buying a male Bengal Stud cat, that you have a minimum of three Bengal breeding Queens. This will ensure the stud cat gets enough feline company as it can be a very lonely life as a Stud cat sometimes.
Breeding is very expensive. Your initial cats (3 queens and a stud) could cost you around £1200 each for each queen and between £1200 - £2000 for a decent stud cat. You need to raise these kittens to around 1 year of age, then have them heart screened before breeding. You need deep pockets to support these cats and kittens, who may just need an emergency caesarian on their first litter. This can easily set you back between £300 - £800, so you MUST be prepared for this before you think about going down the road of breeding.
Kittens will all need vaccinating twice, worming, flea treatments, microchipping and neutering before you sell them. Raising a kitten properly to a selling age of around 14 weeks costs around £200 per kitten. Add all this onto your inital outlay and you are looking towards several thousands of £'s before you get a penny back. Breeding should be done for pleasure and with a view to improving the breed in all ways. You rarely ever break even breeding animals, and you don't get wages for their care either! Please think VERY carefully before embarking on this serious venture.

Our kittens that are sold with Showing potential are not guaranteed to win every time, but in our opinion have all the qualities needed to enable you to enjoy Showing your Bengal kitten or cat at Championship show levels, be it GCCF shows, TICA shows or any other that you may like to try. Likewise, there are no guarantees with kittens sold with Breeding potential (also come with Contracts) as viruses and illness that a cat may contract after leaving us (these may be picked up on the soles of your shoes at your local Veterinary surgery, or maybe from the cat next door etc ) can often affect fertility in cats, though we do ensure that breeding Bengal kittens/cats are of a suitable standard and are bred from Bengal cats that we have chosen very carefully for suitability in our Bengal breeding programme, or indeed they may well be bred from our own lines that we have bred and shown (at GCCF and TICA shows) very successfully for many years now. An example of our Showing wins/titles and successes can be seen on our AWARDS page.

If you are looking for a superior quality, home bred, friendly Bengal cat or kitten with a fabulous temperament, please visit our AVAILABLE KITTENS page to see our current Bengal Kittens and also read our ADVICE ON BUYING A KITTEN and OUR CONDITIONS & POLICIES. The link to this is at the top of this page, and it can also be found at the top of the Available Kittens page. This 'Advice on Buying a Kitten' is meant as a guideline only to try and ensure you buy a fit and healthy registered Bengal Kitten from a Reputable Breeder and NOT a BYB (back yard breeder).
You must be aware that although we do our best to breed fit and healthy kittens, they ARE animals, and the future health of every kitten cannot be guaranteed once they have left our home and are in the care of someone else. It is advisable to continue your insurance with Petplan following the 4 week period of free insurance we give with each kitten, especially for the first 12 months as young kittens/cats are at their most vulnerable for receiving injuries and illnesses at that age.

Please be aware that like most other breeders, we do NOT give cash refunds for any reason.




TICA STANDARDS & POINTS for the Bengal Cat.

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