Champion Llandar Annastazia (Anna)

Anna is an F4 Bengal cat, from the Asian Leopared Cat Kabuki. The first 3 generations of the Bengal cat--F1, F2, F3 are referred to as the 'Filial' generations (or Foundation cats). A Bengal cat with an Asian Leopared Cat parent is called an F1 Bengal cat (short for first Filial). That F1 Bengal cat is then bred with a domestic Bengal male, and produces an F2 Bengal cat (or second Filial). Kittens from an F2 female cat and another domestic Bengal cat are then termed F3 Bengal cats, and so on. When it comes to F4 and later generations, they are considered Domestic Bengal cats, and can be properly registered and Shown. As you can see on our Bengal cats' Awards page, Anna has done very well in her short but successful show career as a Bengal show cat.

Anna is a fascinating Bengal cat. She is slightly reserved, and is inclined to get teased by some of the other Bengal cats and kittens, as she is very gentle herself. She is also a highly intelligent Bengal cat, and if asked in a loud voice 'Who wants to go out?!', Anna is always the first cat to appear shouting 'Me, Me'!!. She loves to go out into our enclosed rear garden, and sits for hours high up on her shelf in the sun, keeping out of reach of the mischievous Bengal kittens.
Sometimes our cats and the older kittens are permitted to have raw chicken drumsticks (under supervision). When Anna has hers in her mouth and she cannot see the floor directly in front of her, she will leap high in the air with every stride, as though leaping over some huge obstacle in front of her! This normally sends everyone into fits of laughter! She truly is an amazing and very sweet Bengal cat.

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