Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
Suntouched Anya (F5)

RW SGC Suntouched Anya (Anya) is a litter sister to Lissy. She has taken her time to develop her rosettes properly but they are certainly worth waiting for! Her coat and pattern are developing more as she matures and she now has one of the very best coats here at Suntouched Bengals. Her black outlined rosettes are VERY black and dense, with mahogany-red centres set against a golden/red glittered background. Anya has a particularly wild look about her and reminds me of an F2 or F3, where she is in fact an F5. We took Anya to to a few shows and she is did remarkably well indeed, as you can see! At her 1st show she was up against lots of other super Bengal kittens, including her 1/2 brother Tino who got no less than 8 Finals that weekend but she still Finaled and was placed just below Tino, by the great Bengal judge Irene Van Belzen, who is herself a very successful Bengal breeder in the Netherlands.

Anya was sired by our own Bengal stud cat 'Ozzy', who was number 1 Best Bengal Cat in the UK for the TICA show year 2007/2008. He was also 4th Best Bengal Cat in Northern Europe and 11th Best Bengal Cat in the World!
Anya's mum Anna is a Champion Bengal cat and has been one of our favourite girls ever..... producing some of our very best Bengal kittens to date!

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