Champion Suntouched Annelise.

Champion Suntouched Annelise (Lissy) is a girl that showed great type and good size from the moment she was born. Her head is very typey like her dad's and she has lovely little ears with rounded tops, correctly set towards the side of the head. Her eyes are big and round, her muzzle is broad and she has lovely puffy whisker pads and a good strong chin. Her coat and pattern are good too, the coat being very thick, soft and dense with plenty of glitter...and a whited tummy to boot!. Her tail is quite short and very thick. We feel that Lissy will make an excellent partner for our Bengals studs and we look forward to seeing her kittens later on.
Lissy attended just 1 show as a kitten where she was up against some very strong competiton, including our own Tino who finalled 8 times that weekend! Lissy managed to Final herself and we were extremely proud when she got her CHAMPION title at the next show. As she is a quiet and reserved girl (like her mum Anna), Lissy didn't take to the show scene so we made the decision not to take her out again.



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