Saba of Suntouched

Saba is a 'typical' Bengal cat, and quite a character. She is sometimes referred to as 'screaming Saba'. If something, or someone (normally a Bengal kitten) gets in her way, she will scream at them and wait for them to run. Most of the older Bengals here are used to Saba now, and take no notice at all. She used to regularly scream at Anna (one of our other Bengal queen cats), who would run, only to find that Saba was close on her heels and 'after' her! Anna soon learned that if she did not run, Saba would not chase, and was not half as frightening as she sounded after all! They now have become firm Bengal friends. Saba had a pure white tummy until she was gone 1 year old, and we hope she may carry the Whited Tummy gene from one of the few Whited Tummy cats or Whited Tummy carrying cats that are in her pedigree.

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