Suntouched Jungle Jinks

Jinks is a real favourite Bengal, and has some sweet pet-names like Jinky-Winky, or Winkles. He loves to go out into the 'play area' (shared by all our Bengals, as well as the British Shorthair cats), and is always keen in the evenings, as he know he will be 'let out' for the evening to run and play and climb up high.Jinks is a very gentle Bengal Stud cat, and has had many comments as such from judges at the Bengal/All Breeds Championship shows. He is often referred to a 'shy, gentle lad, with a fabulous temperament'!

Jinks is descended from our very first Bengal Stud boy, and we wish to continue this Bengal line as the temperaments are just so good, that it is a real bonus to have good quality kittens born here, and to know that their temperaments will be second-to-none!

Jinks has won many prizes and cups at Bengal Cat shows, and All Breed Championship cat shows (see Awards page). He is not taken out much now, as he prefers to stay at home with his Bengal and British Shorthair cat friends. If he suspects it is a 'show day', he will hide his head under his blanket as though to say 'I can't see you,so you can't see me!!. Once at the show though, his fabulous temperament over-rules all else, and he is his normal happy, friendly, inoffensive self.

Jinks has a habit of hiding his chicken bones under his blanket in his bed. Sometimes we may be fooled into thinking that he eaten the whole lot (something Bengal cats frequently do), only to pick him up, and realise that he smells like an 'old bone'!)

Only after searching under his bed do we discover the 'old bone', put away for safe keeping!
Another funny little 'Bengal' thing that Jinks does, is jumping onto our backs when bending down to clean his litter tray. He then starts sharpening his claws on your back, which is not always so funny if you only have a thin shirt on!. He is a bit of a bengal 'Monkey'! (but such a lovable one!).

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