We have some very nice Brown spotted and rosetted Bengal queens here now, as well as beautiful Blue-eyed snow marbled and Silver spotted/rosetted glittered queens. Our Bengal queens have super pedigrees, with some famous names like the Asian Leopard Cats KABUKI and TARIQ, as well as renowned (some whited tummy or white tummy carrying) Bengals like Grand Champion Millwood French Lace, Champion Millwood Italian Filigree, Quadruple Grand Champion Gogees Dynamo Go, Quadruple Grand Champion Belltown Challenger of Gogees, Supreme Grand Champion Heritage Kimo, Supreme Grand Champion Starbengal Rosetted Bandoleros etc etc. Our Bengal queens live in our home as part of the family so are all very friendly and have super temperaments, which are passed on to all their kittens.

Please contact us for further details about our breeding plans for our Bengal queens.


Our Bengal Stud cats have all been carefully hand-picked and selected from only the finest of Bengal breeding lines. Their pedigrees include many famous Bengal Cats from all over the world, including the superb RW, Supreme Grand Champion Jater Houdini, Supreme Grand Champion Stonehenge Wurthawate of Snopride, Ch. Calcatta Rayne of Jater Bengals, RW Quadruple Grand Champion Gogees Playboy of Jater, RW Supreme Grand Champion Calcattas Custom name but a few!) Some of these Bengals may have Whited Tummy or carry the White Tummy genes, so please do check our Bengal pedigrees for details.

All our Bengal Stud cats have the very best of temperaments and are very friendly. This ensures our Bengal kittens are the most sociable little Bengal kittens ever! (Check out our AVAILABLE KITTENS page for current availability.)


Our Gallery contains special photo's of some of our favourite Bengal cats and kittens. Not every one has to be considered as A1 show quality cats/kittens, but even those few lovely kittens had A1 qualities as far as the ideal Pet Bengal is concerned: a sweet, friendly, outgoing and affectionate lap-cat is what really matters after all! That is why these sweet Bengal cats and kittens have been given 'Pride of Place' in our Bengal Cat/kitten Gallery. We have also sold Bengal kittens to famous celebrities, but we do prioritise the welfare of our Kittens and the perfect home is what is always sought first and foremost for all our beautiful Bengal kittens.

Please CONTACT US for the most recent details on Bengal cat and Bengal kitten availability and photo's if required.


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