Here we have photo's of some of our favourite cats and kittens that have been a part of our life at some point and have given us some beautiful memories. Most are now living with friends in retirement homes where they can live life to the full.

This fabulous boy was retired recently after we kept his daughters and son, and we now also have a grand-son here. We like to release our cats from their duties at a young age so they may get their freedom and the boys can benefit from some real home comforts like sleeping on the sofa! Now we have another super male baby (Ozzy's grand-son) to grow on it is an ideal time for Ozzy to get his well-earned freedom.
Ozzy is a great example of the breed and now we feel it is 'his' time. Thankyou Ozzy for the beautiful offspring you have given us.

JUNE 2008.
Ozzy finished the TICA show year 2007/2008 as: 1st BEST BENGAL CAT IN THE UK!

We have been asked many times if Ozzy has faded in colour....or gone dark......or lost contrast as he has matured? (which is quite common with some Bengals) Well here is your answer! Ozzy is pictured here, aged nearly 2 years old, and as you can see the answer is a definite 'NO'. He is still as clear coated now as he was 12 months ago!

UPDATE: 21ST SEPTEMBER 2008...please see Rolo's (Ozzy's son) Latest News below, where he attended the latest TickedTica TICA cat show in Maidstone, Kent. (Suntouched Carolos..AKA Rolo has gained the TICA title of Quadruple Grand his fourth show, aged just 11 months!)

Ozzy's other son (by our Saba) attended the SpoTICAt show in Coventry on 13th+14th December 2008 and got 8 Finals, including 1 x 1st Best Kitten, 4 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd and 1 x 8th. We are extremely pleased for this little lad, who is just 4 months old and competing against 62 other kittens aged between 4 -8 months. TINO can be seen on our KITTENS page and also further down on this page.


Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
HCM Screened Clear (2008, 2010)
by Mark Patteson MA, VetMB. PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS

Ozzy (retired) is now 7.5 yrs old and is the Sire of:

RW, SGC Suntouched Santino
RW, SGC Suntouched Anya
RW SGC Suntouched Saffron.
QGC Suntouched Carolos

Champion Suntouched Chiquitita
Champion Suntouched Annelise

and Grand-sire of:

RW, SGC Suntouched Sancia
RW, SGC Suntouched Santana
Champion Suntouched SanLucia
RW QGC Suntouched SanChino
Champion Suntouched Santorino

and Great Grand-sire of:

Champion Suntouched La Belle Epoque

and Great Great Grand-Sire of:

La Belle Epoque's current litter (April 2014)

GREAT NEWS! : Ozzy finished the TICA show year 2007/08 as Number 1 Bengal in the UK, No.3 in Northern Europe and No.11 Worldwide!! Ozzy is the only Bengal in the U.K. to get the REGIONAL WINNER title by finishing in the TOP 20 ALLBREED CATS in Northern Europe!!! This is a fantastic achievement as Ozzy missed the first 3 1/2 months of shows/points due to him still being a kitten!!

Sire: RW, Supreme Grand Champion Jater Houdini
HCM Screened clear

Ch. Jater Queen Latifah of Xclusive
HCM Screened clear

Check this boy out! Ozzy, who was conceived in Canada, is our super golden (brown) rosetted Bengal Stud boy. As you can see, Ozzy has a very clear, highly coloured and contrasted coat, with a pale golden background. Fabulous open rosettes with thick black outlines and rich orange/red centres. He has a super head with medium small ears set nicely on the side and a good broad muzzle with puffy whisker pads and a good chin. His eyes are big, round and nocturnal and his temperament is second to none. Ozzy is a good size and weighs around 6.5 kg (approx.14bs) as an adult.

Ozzy started his Showing career with a bang by him getting to Supreme Grand Champion in 3 straight shows by the age of 10 months.This was completed even with the fantastic competition at the shows, of both of his equally superb siblings (both now Supreme Grand Champions). Never has there been such 'HOT' competition amongst the Bengals! Ozzy's showing then went from strength to strength until the end of the TICA show year for 2007/2008 came, and Ozzy was Number 1 Bengal in the UK, no. 3 in Northern Europe and no. 11 worldwide!! He became a Regional Winner, following in the footsteps of his famous daddy Houdini and his grand-fathers Wurthy (Stonehenge Wurthawate of Snopride) and Playboy (Gogees Playboy of Jater), as well as the many other TICA Regional Winners in his pedigree. This was indeed an incredible feat for Ozzy, as he missed the first 3 1/2 months of Shows/Points in the TICA show year as he was still a kitten!!! Take a look on Ozzy's MORE PHOTO'S page or our AWARDS page for more details.



Heart screened Normal/healthy Dec 2012

Here we have our super fully rosetted Silver Bengal boy Tali, who carries the Blue-eyed (Seal lynx point) Snow gene.
He is bred from Bundas Cream Ice (Canadian Import) and our own Suntouched Talia. This boy is super, having good type, with a (very) straight profile, puffy whisker pads and a deep chin. His green eyes have striking spectacles surrounding them that enhance his wild look. He is fully rosetted with Black outlined rosettes (Talia is great at producing these!)...NO rib bars whatsoever, on a soft, highly glittered pelt and he has a good short, thick tail. His temperament is like the others in this litter (we are keeping his sister as a show/breed girl)...very sweet, gentle and affectionate. His coat is not completely tarnish free but he will be great for a silver/snow program and for putting (very) straight profiles and black outlined rosettes onto Brown and Silver Bengals.

Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents


Bundas Cream Ice
(Canadian Import)
Seal Spotted Lynx Point


Jungletrax Soothsayer
Undermyfoot Thunderbolt of Aluren
Silvergene Son Ascendant
Silvergene Next Generation
CH. Medoz Flashdancer
RW SGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole
Aluren Rapt in Silk


Aluren Cloud Nine of Abundadots


Treetops Khan od Malaysia
Ch. Millwoood Firelit Circle
Millwoood Candlelight (F3)
Aluren Sundara
Gaylee Legend (F4)
Gaylee Ebony



Suntouched Talia
Silver Rosetted Bengal


CH Oceanbay Achilles of Suntouched
Silver Rosetted Bengal



O'bobtor Star
Silvergene Pure Platinum
Joykatz Erzulie of Obobtor
Tarantela Glitterglam Zeta (F5)
Millwood Tapered Flame (F4)
Gaylee Ferrara (F5)

Azina of Suntouched

Blue-eyed Snow Spotted Bengal

Adfirsh Silver Simba
Admonsh Adjuskar Gigio
Admonsh Snow Trekka
Macula Snowmaiden
Bambino Snow Prince
Bambino Snow Ballerina


RETIRED. This fabulous girl is an F2.
Kumari has the sweetest nature ever, and is a real love-bug. her tail is fantastic, and reminiscent of the ALC tails. Short and very thick, with a rounded tip.

Wesley produced some fabulous kittens with our lovely Bengal queens and we have kept some of his offspring. He is now in Italy with our good friend Patti, where he will spend the rest of his days. Thankyou Patti for giving Wesley such a kind, loving home.


HCM Screened Clear (2010 & 2011)
by Dr. Mark Patteson MA, VetMB. PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS


Champion Gogees Wild Daze
HCM Screened Clear


Zawadi Mtamy
HCM Screened Clear

This fabulous big boy has really good boning and type and the most fantastic of temperaments! He is covered in thick, black-outlined doughnut rosettes on a very soft, short and dense coat full of glitter. He has very good ears...small, rounded and well set, with good width between. His profile is straight and his chin is strong and deep. As you can see, his pattern is very clear and he has a very thick, medium short tail with a rounded tip.

UPDATE: Wesley is now retired and lives with a good friend of ours, where he has a kind and loving home for life. We could not ask for any more for one of our cats and feel Wes has landed on his feet!





Sharifa is now retired and has found a lovely new home with Cat in Scotland. A much loved girl who will be missed tremendously. Thankyou Cat for giving Tiffy a loving retirement home.

Sharifa (aka Tiffy) is a stunning Bengal cat with a golden coat and red and black rosettes. She has a very wild look about her, reminiscent of a lower generation Bengal. She has the appearance of a cat of maybe F2 or F3 generation from the Asian Leopard Cat as she has a straight profile and very light spectacles surrounding her eyes. She has a very strong, deep chin and striking cheek flashes above her high cheekbones.


Merlin has now been rehomed into a permanent, loving home in the countryside with another of our adult cats. It was time for Merlin to enjoy some freedom and he now gets to run around the fields chasing butterflies and birds and climb tress etc. He will be sorely missed but we are pleased he has found such a fabulous home.

A little bit of history about this unusual F4 Bengal boy: Merlin (and his F3 mum Dolly) comes from an old, original and rare line of Bengals originating from the Asian Leopard Cat 'Tariq'. There was just 1 sole fertile female F1 produced from Tariq (ALC) and the queen Vonburchana Wild Tigress, who was herself an F3 of Bengal type from very old lines, in the times when the Bengals were still being 'constructed' as a breed by Jean Mill along with some ALC's/Domestics and Bengal hybrids from 'Centerwall' ALC's. This sole fertile female was Dolly's grandmother Vonburchana Jungle Queen (F2)...who was also an F4 Bengal from the other side of her family, so there is plenty of wild blood well as a very rare line! If Merlin proves to be fertile we would like to try breeding him with one of Anna's and Ozzy's F5 golden rosetted Bengal girls, in order to keep the wild blood/looks and to continue this very rare Bengal blood line.

Merlin is classed as a Brown Spotted (Rosetted) F4 Bengal, even though he is Black rosetted. We thought it would be interesting to do a genetic profile on Merlin, so we sent DNA samples to Davis University in California, USA. Results were as follows:

Merlin does not carry any of the following genes:
Burmese (Sepia) or Siamese (snow genes)
Brown (Chocolate and Cinnamon)
Dilute (Blue)
Non-Agouti (Melanistic/solid colour genes)

So, in a nut-shell, Merlin can only produce Brown kittens. All kittens will be either Brown (Black) spotted/rosetted or maybe marbled if mated with a marble (or marble carrying) queen. None of the above colours will be carried onto Merlin's offspring from him. We do not know yet if Merlin carries the marble gene.

(from the ALC 'Tariq' line) with White Tummy.


Champion Oceanbay Achilles of Suntouched F6
HCM Screened Clear (2008) by Mark Patteson MA, VetMB. PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS

Dam: Dolly of Suntouched (F3)

February 2010: Unfortunately Merlin hasn't proven very fertile as yet (1 kitten only), but he is a pleasure to have around the house so we will keep letting him try for the time being. Merlin gets along well with everyone in our home and doesn't spray. We will just have to keep fingers crossed and hope he gets fertile soon.

We are hoping this very striking Brown (Black) rosetted F4 Bengal boy with a Whited Tummy (at the moment) may be a great asset to our Bengal breeding programme. He is still very young and was born with huge black markings continuing right down over his flanks....which is so much better than the normal small spots that appear here. He has a golden background and big black rosettes. His head is lovely, with a straight profile, good length and width to his muzzle and very light spectacles enhancing his big round, wild-looking eyes. His medium sized ears are well set, being correctly placed on the side with plenty of width between. Merlin is a big kitten and has a lovely tail, very thick and even with a rounded tip. His coat is very short, silky and dense. It feels extremely soft and has lots of glitter. His colour is very 'cool' and his pattern clear and a very dense black. We hope you will agree......this boy really is quite special and we think he will provide some fabulous black outlines and contrast on some of our golden rosetted girls from Ozzy & Baron.

Merlin has the most delightful nature and is a real purr-pot who loves cuddles......just like his F3 mum Dolly. This beautiful boy will remain here until we may hopefully get a 'keeper' kitten from him to enable us to continue this line...and we are going to thoroughly enjoy having him here as he is a real character!

Do take a look at Merlin's MORE PHOTO'S, where you can see just how exotic looking he is, and see how his huge rosettes cover his flanks.

SHOW NEWS MAY 17th MERLIN HAS BEEN TO HIS FIRST EVER SHOW....AND HAS COME HOME A CHAMPION! WELL DONE MERLIN! Merlin took it all in his stride and was a happy and well behaved lad throughout the weekend. He attracted a lot of interest at the show from Breeders, exhibitors and the public alike, and we constantly got comments like 'striking, stunning, beautiful, amazing.....and 'very wild-looking'! Needless to say, we are very proud of this unusual and yes...STRIKING! boy. There could be more to come watch this space!


We have added some photo's of current and past cats and kittens here. Some of the adults have been added here as Reference cats, as they have played such a huge part in our breeding programme and have been very much loved by us so are very sadly missed. We are happy though, that they have found new, loving, forever homes to retire to and their presence will be sadly missed but they will never be forgotten. We have some beautiful offspring from each of them so can continue with their wonderful family lines

May 2010. Dolly is now spayed and rehomed

with Whited Tummy

From the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) 'TARIQ'

Sire: Indykatz Houdini
Dam: Buckholt Gracie Looleport (F2)

Dolly is our F3 foundation Bengal Queen who carries the Snow gene. She has a straight profile, domed forehead, medium/small rounded ears set on the side, good length and breadth to her muzzle and a strong chin. She has an overall 'wild' look about her and a White Tummy which she has passed on to her F4 Bengal son Merlin, who can be seen on our Bengal Studs page. Dolly will hopefully be bred once more in 2009 before retiring.

Dolly is from a rare line of Bengals, originating from the Asian Leopard Cat 'Tariq'. More details and information can be read about this rare line on our STUDS page, under 'SUNTOUCHED MERLIN' (our F4 son of Dolly).




NEWS: Rolo has been to just 2 TICA shows (August '08) and has already become a Triple Grand Champion at the age of just 10 months!!...see latest news below.....

September 21st 2008: We are very proud to announce that Rolo has attended his third adult TICA Bengal cat show this weekend and has achieved the title of QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION!! Well done are such a sweet gentle really deserve it!

5th October. Rolo got 2 Finals at the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain (BCCGB) TICA Show this weekend. We are very pleased as there was a huge turnout of very good quality Bengals at this show. Well done Rolo!!

26th October 2008. Congratulations to Rolo, who attended the CATTICA Allbreed Cat Show on the weekend of 25-26th October in Newbury, UK, where he won/was placed in 10 out of the 12 Rings!!

27th November 2008. Rolo attended the NaturallyTICA 'Northern Lights' cat club show in Elsecar on 22nd-23rd November 2008, and won/was placed in Colour, Division and Best of Breed in 8 Rings! Well done Rolo.

14th December 2008. Rolo attended the SpoTICAt show in Coventry, where he managed to win 3 Finals....CONGRATULATIONS ROLO! Congratulations also to his 1/2 brother Tino who got 8 Finals at the same show, even with the huge entry of 63 kittens!

18th January 2009. Rolo attended the (very enjoyable) first show of the Ragtime TICA Cat Club on the 17th & 18th January 2009, where out of 16 Bengal Cats he Won/was Placed in 10 out of the 12 Rings for Colour, 7/12 Rings for Division and 7/12 Rings for Best of Breed!! He went on to get 5 Finals and we are very proud of him for doing so well against the very stiff competition!

Quadruple Grand Champion


RW, SGC Xclusive X Factor of Suntouched
(HCM Screened clear)

Dam: Megaloue Chiq of Suntouched (screened clear at 6 yo)

Rolo now has a lovely new home in the UK with Sadie, where he can enjoy life outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, with lots of girlfriends to keep him happy. We will really miss him but know he is in good hands. Thanks Sadie.

Rolo is a BIG cat and a real softy who loves a cuddle. As you can see he has the perfect Bengal head..... being longer than wide with a broad muzzle, puffy whisker pads, a slight dip in profile and a very deep chin. His well placed ears are tiny with rounded tops, and one judge at the last show (The Spoticat TICA cat show in Bracknell) gave him 'Best Ears' of all Bengals there.....and there were many!!! His eyes are big and round and he has a very wild look about him. His pelt is very thick, soft, deep and luxurious and full of glitter, and is a deep golden colour. Some breeders consider true golden to be rare, but here at Suntouched Bengals we have a majority of golden Bengals, and all with good contrast....and excellent type too! Rolo's tail is also great...medium in length and very thick. This boy (like his dad Ozzy) is a great example of the 'correct' Bengal head, with the tiny ears we are striving for in our Bengals and is just one example of what his Sire (Ozzy) and Dam (Chiq) are producing. Chiq has also passed on her qualities to her daughter Chiquitita and we still would like another keeper girl from this line....they just have so much to offer! Rolo's temperament is typical of Suntouched Bengals...soft and gentle.

See above (Rolo's dad Ozzy) for show results, but we are so very proud of Rolo for getting the TICA titles of Champion and Grand Champion in his very first show, and then Double Grand Champion and Triple Grand Champion at his second TICA show!!

GCCF SHOW NEWS: Rolo has been to just 1 GCCF Championship Show as an adult....the Bengal Cat Club Show in Northcroft Leisure Centre, Newbury, Berkshire on 26th July 2008. We send CONGRATULATIONS to Suntouched Carolos (Rolo) for coming second in the Open to the Overall Best In Show (BIS) winner!! There was a strong class of adult Bengals and we think he did remarkably well considering his very young age of just 9 1/2 months.







Saba's son Tino can be seen on our STUDS page.

(HCM Screened clear at 3 1/2 yrs)


Sire: Starwinds Nero
Dam: Brockenmoor Lady O'Rings (HCM screened clear)

Saba has a beautiful rich, butter-cream colour background, with red-brown pawprint rosettes and a very light tummy. Her superb Import Pedigree carries many famous names, including Gr.Ch.Millwood French Lace, Ch.Millwood Cheyenne, Ch.Millwood Italian Filigree, Ch.Gogees Lika Margae etc. Her Sire Nero's parents are both Millwood cats, her Dam was Imported from Brockenmoor Bengals in Germany. There are a few Bengal cats in Saba's pedigree that are white tummied or carry the white tummy gene, and we feel Saba may carry this as she herself had a very white tummy until she was about 15 months old (see more photo's).

Saba was screened clear for HCM (heart normal) by a Board Certified Cardiologist on 23rd May 2008, aged 3 1/2 years

SEPTEMBER 2009. As we now have a son and a daughter from Saba we felt it was time to retire her. Saba has now been spayed and has found a lovely forever home to retire to.



Anna is now retired from breeding. She is a sweet and affectionate cat with no issues whatsoever. Anna has always been my favourite girl so I was pleased that she went home with Jean and will now live with her daughter and grand-son in a permanent loving home.

(Carries Whited Tummy)
HCM Screened clear 2009 at 5 1/2 years by Mark Patteson MA, VetMB. PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS

Sire: Millwood Aces High (Import)
Dam: Llandar Marta Hari (F3)

Anna is an F4 Bengal from the Asian Leopard Cat 'Kabuki'. We came across Anna accidentally. We had travelled to Mike and Anne Randalls in Berkshire with a friend, to pick up their kitten (previously reserved ). This was when we first saw Anna. You will have to agree - she was just 'far too good a thing' to pass by!! Anna came home with us that very day, after managing to pursuade Anne (Randall) to part with her. Anna carries the Whited Tummy gene, which she has passed on to some of her offspring. Her last litter of 3 kittens all had whited tummies when young so we hope that some may also carry the white tummy gene.

Anna is the proud mum of our home-bred Bengal queens Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Suntouched Anya
and her sister
Champion Suntouched Annelise.




lineSome of Ozzy's earlier kittens are shown here (sorry all sold). Ozzy is proving to be a great Bengal stud cat, passing his fabulous type and excellent pattern and colouring on to his kittens. Also....check out those lovely fat tails!!! Needless to say.....the temperaments are also fantastic, and these babies have been showing it since they were very tiny!

line line

RETIRED, now aged 13 (2014)


Claude has now been retired and neutered and has gone to his forever home. He will be sadly missed but we have some super offspring of his running about here to remember him by.

CLAUDE (Canadian Import)
Blue-eyed Snow spotted/rosetted.


Champion Jungletrax Soothsayer of Tribal

Dam: Aluren Cloud Nine of Abundadots

Claudius, or Claudipuss as he is affectionately known, is an enormous Blue-eyed Snow Spotted (Seal Lynx Point) Bengal stud cat with the most delightful temperament. He was imported from Bundas Bengals in Canada and has consistently produced good quality kittens here in the UK that are frequently seen on the show bench.




Thankyou so much for all the emails and support we have continued to receive from friends old and new throughout this difficult period of time. It means a lot to know you are all there behind us.
Thankyou all.


24th February 2010. (Updated March)
(Sadly now retired/rehomed.)

We purchased Rupert as a potential stud cat. Unfortunately, when Rupert was still very young we found out that his sire had died suddenly from HCM (though we have not seen clear evidence to support this) This was obviously devastating news for Rupert's breeders and for us too as we love Rupert very much. We hope that Rupert will continue to lead a healthy life now and in the future.
No blame can be attached anywhere for such a sad occurrence, but it does reiterate the importance of screening your cats for heart problems/HCM etc.

We wish to point out that Rupert is not closely related to any of our own cats' lines and Rupert was neutered within days of us being notified of his sire's sad death so there are no offspring from him.





























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