Updated June 2015

If you don't see what you are looking for here please email/ CONTACT US and we will try and find something to suit your household. It is important to us that we find the right homes for our retiring cats, and also that we find the right cat for the adopting owners too.
Everyone has different households, some with young children, some without. Some homes are lively, others are quieter. Likewise with the cats, some are outgoing, some are more resrved and will need a quieter home to live in. The matching of cat & owner is important so please do tell us a bit about your home life when enquring about our Bengal cats or kittens.


We have a retired Bengal stud cat looking for a quiet home in June 2015. Please email us if you think you have a suitable home for this sweet and gentle boy, who is rather shy ...so no very small children as they may frighten him. . (photo's to follow)

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